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Point & Shoot : worn out

07 June 2010

Sunday 6th June at 5:32pm

Yesterday we went to the Gold Coast to catch up with some friends from Tassie who are up here on holidays. It was lovely to see them again and all the kids had a ball playing together. There was swimming, game playing, mini golf and more swimming. I know what you are thinking, swimming in June? But yes the sun was out and it was lovely, all be it a little cold when they got out after the sun had dipped behind the trees. I snapped this pic with my mobile phone about 5 mins after we said goodbye. They were both so worn out, they were fast asleep by the time we got to the end of the street. Being a kid can be hard work.

Today I'm playing Point & Shoot with Telle of fat mum slim fame :)


  1. Nothing more gorgeous than pictures of sleeping munchkins!

  2. aaaahhhh car ride induced sleep... bliss... gorgeous photo :)

  3. And they drove home in silence...

    That's my kinda car ride. x


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