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Down for the count

01 September 2010

My new best friends.

I've spent the last few days camped out on the lounge after being knocked out by yet another bout of horrendous head cold. I'm so so SO over being sick and to make matters worse my littlest man, Jack, has been taken out too so it would seem. The poor little mite had a temp of 39.5 late this afternoon which only dipped below 38 around 11:30 tonight despite two doses of Panadol, lots of water and a cool sponging. He seems to be doing much better now though, he's fast asleep next to me on the lounge.

So there you go, that's where I've been hiding. If I don't resurface after the weekend, send more tissues! lol 

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  1. Oh no...sorry to hear you've been so unwell! And there's nothing worse than being sick....with sick kids too!! Sending you lots of 'get well' vibes!!


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