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I got mail!

10 September 2010

I had a knock on the door today. When I opened it I was greeted by our friendly parcel post man who had a delivery just for me! Once I'd ripped it open, this is what I found, a beautiful MooGoo gift pack from my sister. It was such a surprise that I burst into tears (yes I am a bit of a sook lately). Everything smells so lovely and subtle. Once I'd read about the company on their website I even more elated that my little sister decided to spoil me,  bless her. I don't treat myself to this sort of thing, so it makes me feel very special when someone else does.

MooGoo is an all natural skincare line that's handmade in Queensland. Check out their website.  I'm looking forward to lathering up the Butter Milk soap in the shower tonight, but I'd love to try their lip balm and shampoo too.


  1. Oooh NOICE!!
    I've heard this brand is GREAT for eccsema {spelling?}. Ella gets a little bit behind her knees & I've been meaning to get some MooGoo :)
    Also...I Love the package it all came in :)

  2. I've been using MooGoo for a few years now. Love it!


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