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A quiet weekend

11 October 2010

Between Hubby working all weekend and yet another cold finding it's way in, we've had a rather quiet weekend here. The flowers on my cherry blossom are really starting to bloom and I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures in the next few days but for now, check out Claire and Chantelle's blogs for more interesting weekends than mine.

Photo from here.


  1. Oh no....sorry to hear you aren't feeling too well again :((( Damn winter colds still lurking!!
    I'm sending you lots of get better wishes so you can have an adventurous & joyous weekend next week :))
    Rest up Lovely!

  2. Too cute! Love this...stopping by from fatmumslim's point and shoot. Have a great day!

  3. Oh too many bugs around - wishing they would go away!!!


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