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Blue skies

03 January 2011

Tonight I took a beach towel and sat in the back yard. As the boys frolicked in the spray of the sprinkler and Hubby pottered in the shed, I felt a warm wave of contentment wash over me.

I laid back on the beach towel and gazed up at the clear blue sky. I smiled to myself, I never would have imagined that something as simple as a perfectly clear blue sky could bring such warmth and happiness to my heart.

All of a sudden I heard a cheeky little giggle and my view was slightly skewed.

What a delightful distraction he is.

I'm adding this to Chantelle's first Point and Shoot challenge for 2011, come and play along too :)


  1. OH Emma, I know what you mean about finding so much beauty & contentment in the little things these days....such as a clear blue sky & happy, playing children :) And Jack is just soooooo cute :) That photo of him made me smile :)
    Happy 2011 Lovely!

  2. Beautiful post Emma - I know that feeling of contentment too. It's great to appreciate it when you get a lovely dose like that! Thanks for the 'award' - chuffed!


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