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22 January 2011

Home Videos

We've been sorting through our crap stuff that's still packed in boxes in the garage this week. I don't know why we've kept half the stuff but anyway. Yesterday yielded a wonderful find, the mini DV tapes for our video camera. Now I can't remember the last time we used it but it was a far while since the camera had even been out of it's case.

Last night after the kids were in bed, we rigged the camera up to find out just what was on those tapes. When I pressed play, The Dude's tiny newborn face appeared. My heart melted and the tears started to well up in my eyes straight away. Those soft little coos and even that newborn cry, oh my goodness it was so cute it made my uterus ache! There it all was on those three little tapes, his first year. His first Christmas, his commando crawl, pulling himself up, his first birthday party, everything. The memories had been locked away in my mind but as soon as I saw the footage it all came flooding back. How lucky am I to be able to relive those precious moments over and over again.

The little cutie himself.



  1. Gosh, how fab. A great reminder too as I have loads of videos we never watch. Must do something about that! :)

  2. Sigh. We've resisted an actual camcorder, but we do have those little three minute videos you can take on your camera. Every one of them is a treasure.

    They grow up so fast!! Which is great!! And not great!! You know!! x

  3. I love watching the videos of mine when they were little. My biggest regret is not taking more of them. x

  4. You know sometimes when they grow up and get into a bit of strife those memories of what they looked like as babies and the cute way they did things and their innocent love can really pull you through and give you hope for what you know they are really like.

  5. Oh, that;s beautiful!
    How precious! A definite keepsake :)

  6. Gorgeous photo's.........Love your blog!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @


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