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15 February 2011

Just yesterday he was a little boy. The day before that a cheeky little toddler, the day before that he was my baby! When and how did he grow up? It's not possible that this BOY is my it?

Grade 2....He started Grade 2 today! It can't be true, I'm in denial. I must be having some sort of weird flash forward into the future.....right?


  1. He's a pretty good looking dream boy you've got there!

  2. what a nice looking young man Emma!! Your blog is looking fab. So clean and such clear lines. I have to go change your name in my blog roll thou.

  3. You breed them good looking Emma !
    That smile is great - a young fellow happy with his lot in life by the looks :)

    Sent two out of three off today for full time . . . time moves so fast.

  4. Aww thank you girls, I think he's a bit of a cutie :)

    Thanks Caz, I'm not sure about the pinky beigey colour though, I'm giving it a week lol


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