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30 July 2011

This Saturday I am grateful for my gorgeous new kitchen floor!

We're embarking on a little make over adventure. There's several areas of our humble abode that require a small amount of attention. It's mostly just decorating, but there are a few things that need a bit more. Our kitchen is one of the latter. When the house was renovated they put tiles in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, toilet and laundry. It was a crappy tiling job and we've been going back and forth on alternatives since we bought the house. Last weekend though, we finally made a decision. 

With a replacement picked, it was time to start the demolition work. We spent about 5 hours on Saturday taking up the tiles, the cement sheeting and removing about 2000 nails the had held the cement sheeting down. By Saturday night our hands, backs and hips were aching. On Sunday we took a trip to Launie to go to Bunnings to buy our new floor. (On a side note, do you know how much it sucks not having a Bunnings close by? 3 hour round trip to visit the DIY mecca! Crap huh?)

Anyway, we did a little bit of prep work to the subfloor, with the intention of laying the new floor when Mr Mess has next weekend off. But while I was at canteen on Thursday, he went ahead and did it all by himself!! I came home to this!!!

Isn't it gorgeous?! We just love it. It was so easy to lay and feels so comfortable under foot. It's no where near as cold or as slippery as the tile was. It fits in perfectly with the colour of the carpet in the lounge and the vertical blinds. The only thing that it looks a bit odd with is our dining table. Though it's on the makeover list anyway so we'll see what we can come up with. Next on the list is to replace the tiles in the hallway. Hopefully that will be finished next weekend.

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The Details

Flooring : Gerflor Senso Rustic Self Adhesive Vinyl Planks
Colour : Noisette
Supplier : Bunnings Launceston
Price : $25/m2

PS Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. Gail's funeral was held this past Monday. The boys seem to be coping well, though I'm sure there will be some tough times ahead for them. Again thank you all for your kind words.


  1. Awesome that you did it all yourself! Love seeing the finished product. Your floors look absolutely beautiful.x

  2. Ooh lah lah! Soon you will have to rename your blog!! x


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