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This Saturday I'm grateful for.....

16 July 2011

Flowers from my littlest boy.
He picked all the flowers in the lawn garden for me.
Each one melted my heart a little bit more.

The promise of spring.
This is my cherry blossom.
I am excitedly anticipating this years display.

A surprise, out of season, local produce find.
They are sweet and juicy and a welcome taste of summer.

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  1. Beautiful Emma!! Love those photos and the flowers your boy picked for you!! Spring - oh yes please. I can't wait for spring.

  2. Lovely photos, beautiful little daisies, those little buds..the hope of spring to come! I hope your cherry dreams come true.

  3. oh yes bring on spring!! enough of this winter icy-ness already. although i would like to get some skiing in first. lovely pictures too. x

  4. Sweet shots, Emma.

    We've been enjoying cherries as well, but I confess they are not local at all... x

  5. Awesome post. Pictures are absolutely beautiful.x

  6. I am not a photographer (the distinct lack of photos on my blog tell THAT story!) but your delightful photos makes me want to go out and take some shots myself. They are beautiful and inspiring and certainly something to be grateful for! Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  7. this post of urs adds juice from the cherries, brightness and softness of the cute, lil flowers and the serenity of that tree into a blogger like me:)
    the cherries look lovely...:) lucky u !! and greatful all of us:)

  8. beautiful photos ...the cherries look amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Very excited to see you are doing a 365 project this year. I had a crack at it last year and loved it!


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