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Happy New Year!

03 January 2012

Happy New Year!! Can you believe it’s 2012? I hope you all had a happy and safe festive season.

My beautiful mum flew down from Brisbane to spend two weeks with us over Christmas. It was so great to have her here. The kids miss her so much and they just loved having her here.

We visited some great places while Mum was here, BridestoweLavender Farm, Perfecta Cherry Farm, The Berry Patch and The Makers Workshop. We also did a tonne of shopping and visited family in Launnie too.

Christmas Day was great! The boys had an awesome time opening their presents and aftwerwards we skyped with my sister and her partner. Mum, The Boy and I enjoyed fresh croissants for breakfast while The Dude and Mr Mess ate weetbix (boring!). My SIL and nephew joined us for lunch and the kids had a great day playing with their new toys and jumping on their new trampoline. We had dinner with friends and the kids had even more fun. It really was a wonderful day.

Boxing Day was just fantastic too. My step son and his family came over for lunch. The kids had a blast together (they always do). We all spent the afternoon outside, there was backyard cricket, totem tennis, nerf guns and of course bouncing on the trampoline.

I relaxed under the cherry blossom tree to escape the blistering sun.

Mum flew back to Brisbane on new year’s eve. Even though I hate goodbyes, I’m getting better at them. The boys were boys sad to see their grandma leave, I’m sure The Dude thought she was staying for good! We also visited my SIL for a couple of hours afterwards. While the kids were happy to sit and play lego, Mr Mess and I went out to meet the 15 new additions to the farm.

New year’s eve was another quiet one for us, but I was totally thrilled that Mr Mess managed to stay awake and see in the new year with me. We watched the fireworks on tv together and wondered if our numbers came up in the big lotto draw (no news there yet, still haven’t checked the ticket).

All in all it was a wonderful festive season for us and I hope it was for you too!

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  1. Happy New Year Emma! Wishing you & your gorgeous family an AMAZING 2012! I look forward to being apart of your journey here :)


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