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OOTW : Budget Buys

14 December 2012

When I came up with my OOTW idea, I didn't really think the logistics through. The tripod I have for my dslr camera is a little low for full body shots, I don't have a remote (they don't make a cordless one for my camera, boo!) and one of the best spots for light in the house is my five year olds bedroom which looks like a tip half the time!So while I come up with a suitable setup, I'm keeping it real and using my iPhone for full length selfies.

 I snapped this the other night about two seconds before running out the door to my eldest sons choir concert at school. Pardon the chaos in the background, my children have don't understand the concept of a tidy room!

Top, Belt and Jeans : Kmart
Ballet Flats : BigW
Clutch : Target
Mess : The Dude

 I picked up the top at Kmart last week for on $8. It was quite shapeless so I added the belt to pull it in under the bust. It will be a great outfit for summer nights and I'll throw a black jacket in to the mix to take it into autumn and winter.

Hopefully next week you won't have to look at that mess again!

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