This blog is on hiatus while I take time to re-evaluate my blogging direction.

New Direction

24 January 2013

I realised recently that I've been neglecting this little blog because it became something that I didn't intend it to. This was supposed to be my space, but like so often happens things veer in a different direction. So I'm taking back the reins.

Like most women, I am many things to many people, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. But this blog is my space. It's not a just a "mummy blog" any more. Of course that part of my life will still feature, but I'm at a point in my life where it's not all about the kids. This year I've decided to be a bit selfish. I'm investing in myself, learning to be me and discovering who I really am. This journey is one of the things I want to share on this blog.

So what else can you expect? More of the stuff that makes me happy. The fashion stuff is fun, that's definitely staying. The Body+ stuff is really important to me, that'll feature too. Lessons learnt, universal ponderings, superficial shit, opinionated rants, more me.

So stick around, if you're interested. If your not, thanks for stopping by.


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