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19 April 2013

Did you hear that? That was the sound of a pin dropping. It's pretty clear that my 2013 goals have flown out the window. What's it been six weeks? Hardly the regular blogging that I was aiming for but oh well.

 So do you want an update? Well I could tell you all the things I haven't been doing, but that would be depressing. I've done all the normal mummy stuff, school runs, play dates, dentist visits, birthdays etc etc. I spent a week nagging nursing my husband back to health from a horrible lung infection. I've been crafting a little, designing a lot and even dusted off the camera once or twice. But it seems I've found a new vice. Movies.

I've always been a procrastinator, something my mother will surely attest to. It started one day a few weeks ago when I decided to put off the washing and housework (I can hear my mother laughing from here) and catch up on Downton Abbey and a couple of other things I'd previously recorded.

Since then I've been almost obsessively watching my way through our dvd collection and collating a wishlist of title to aquire. It's such an effective way to escape the day to day monotony that life can be. I know I could be doing something more productive with the time but this quote has become my mantra.

Have you watched any good movies lately?

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