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How I love fresh flowers

27 August 2009

It's been rather gloomy and miserable of late, both inside our home and out. My husband flew interstate on Monday to start a new job. It's a strange feeling to wake up in the morning and not have him laying next to me (snoring!) Suffice to say, the small ones and I are missing him a lot. We don't have a definite moving date yet, which doesn't help the mood. It's been hard to reassure Brock, not having anything concrete to tell him. Normally we'd count down the days etc but we can't really do that. Counting the days Daddy has been away is a bit depressing.

To add to the gloominess inside our little home, the weather has been atrocious. It's been cold, windy and raining for over a week. We've been lucky to get a couple of hours of sunshine in total.

So to combat all the grey, I decided to pick up some fresh flowers today. Maybe I'm willing the seasons to change already. These lovely light purple chrysanthes did make the boys smile, which makes me smile. They had a lovely time smelling and arranging them. Mister B decided to put them on the kitchen table so that they would make us happy at tea time instead of sad (cause we miss Dad). As I kissed him good night, he said he loved the flowers because they made all of us smile. Bless him.


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