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Moving is hard work!

15 September 2009

Well we are finally back in the sunshine state. My husband moved back to start work over 4 weeks ago and the boys and I joined him late last week. We are currently staying with my mother until we can find ourselves a suitable place to live.

It's amazing how hectic things have been, but the kids have settled in quite well already. The only bone of contention is Jack is not impressed with his new ride. Clearly the cheap umbrella stroller that his big brother loved is not up to Jack's standards. While he's usually happy to sit in a pram for a few good hours of shopping, something about this stroller has turned him into a typical male, he now hates shopping!

So my mission for this week is to find, what will be his fourth pram. Now finding a good pram isn't hard, but finding one that doesn't break the bank, well that's not quite as easy.

I had left our great pram in the boot of our car and thought that it would arrive sometime next week along with the car, however the transport company had other ideas. They decided they wouldn't transport the car with the pram in it, so my mother-in-law had to go and retrieve it. So our normal pram is stuck in Tassie, without a baby to use it. The cost of a courier costing almost as much as a new pram, so we're thinking we'll sell it on ebay and buy another.

Love'N'Care Nova
This is the pram we had down south. It is a great pram. I love that I could have Jack facing the fron or facing me. It also had a huge shopping basket and a nice big hood. The only thing that annoyed me was the width of the back wheels. So if I can find some thing like that I'll be happy.

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