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Thank god it's Friday!

18 September 2009

After a fairly unexciting week, I'm glad we've got to Friday finally. The week seems to have dragged by, the kids have been bored by 11 o'clock most mornings. We've done trips to the shops (to cool down), we've gone to the park, visited Daddy at work and every afternoon we pick up Grandma from the train station, which is always a highlight.

Next week I'm planning to take the boys to the local library. As Brock's been learning to read at school this year, his interest level in books has gone through the roof. Of course as Jack loves to copy everything Brock does, he too loves "reading". We might line up our visit with a Story Time session, that's always fun.

Then I thougt we might have an adventure on the train and go for a trip into town, maybe have lunch with mum and go to the Brisbane Science Centre (Brock loves science too). I think that should help with the boredom.

We're also going to catch up with an old family friend from FNQ this weekend. She's always a barrel of laughs so it should be a great night.

I'll leave you this week with Mister Jack's latest antics, he's learning to count! Yes at just 22 months old my clever little guy can count to ten with a little bit of help. The conversation usually goes like this

Me: Jack, do you want to count? Ready? One
Jack: DOO
Me: Three
Jack: BOOR
Me: Five
Jack: TIX
Me: Seven
Jack: Eight!
Me: Nine
Jack: Eight!

We all clap hands together and Jack responds with "Mor Mor Mor".

It certainly makes us giggle :)

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