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Hot child in the city

22 September 2009

Well the kiddies and I are learning how to cope with the heat again. My goodness it's been warm here for spring!

So without air-con, I've been trying to come up with ideas to keep cool. Driving around in the a/c car isn't cutting it anymore, the kiddies get bored, not to mention the fuel I go through. So far we've tried cool showers in the afternoon,(bliss, until you get out), fans, escaping to the shops, all which work for a little while, but nothing has lasting results. Then yesterday it finally dawned on me....WATERMELON!

I'd completely forgotten about this summer staple and it's refreshing, cool, heat killing abilities. I organised the kiddies around the table and we treated ourselves to a bit of summertime fun.

Look at that gorgeous juicy pink flesh, just divine. So sweet and just a little bit sticky. The kids loved it, as you can see, and so did I! I promised Brock that we'd make some Juicy-Poles with the left over melon. Just have to see if mum has any moulds.

What do you and your kids love doing to keep cool is summer?

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