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Suddenly Domestic

14 October 2009

Well we're all moved in and mostly unpacked. Since moving in I've got this urge to do different domestic things, very strange for me as I'm not usually like that. I didn't even "nest" when I was pregnant with the boys.

Anyway, so today was an adventure in washing machine cleaning. When I first opened our front loader after the move, I was just about blown away by the smell. It was horrible, mildew cross with a stagnant water smell..ewwwwww gross! I decided to do an empty cycle to rid the machine of it's odor. I thought it was gone but alas the first load I did came out smelling awful.

Now I'm not the biggest fan of front loaders, I don't think they wash as well as a top loader and they seem to be more rough on the clothes too. So naturally a little voice inside my head whispered "new machine, you will have to get a new machine". As nice an idea as that was, it wasn't going to happen so I googled.... Ahh google, really what did people do before google?

5 mins later I had the answer, detergent build up. Apparently all machines get a build up of detergent, especially when you wash with cold water (which I always do). Apparently you should "clean" your machine every couple of months? I must have wagged that lesson in Susie Homemaker class.

Anyhow, after a "clean" my machine looks all shiny and new and even better it doesn't smell. The proof will be in the pudding, when I get my first load of washing out. But if, like me, you wagged that lesson, here's how you "clean" your washing machine.

Front Loader Put two cups of vinegar into the drum of the machine. Then add a quarter of a cup of Bi-carb Soda to the powder tray. Start your machine on a wash cycle, make sure the temp is at it's hottest. Give the machine a couple of seconds to wash the Bi-carb out of the tray then quickly open the tray again and add another cup of vinegar. Shut the tray up and let the machine do the rest.

For a bit of fun shine a torch through the door and have a look at all the cruddy bits floating in the water....EWWW

Top Loader Turn your machine onto a wash cycle with hot water only. Make sure the water level is at it's highest. While the tub is filling, add in a half a cup of Bi-carb Soda and three cups of vinegar. Let the machine do the rest.

If your washing machine has an agitator, you might like to pause the cycle once it's finished filling and give the agitator and all the crevices around it a little scrub with an old toothbrush.

The best thing about this method, is it's green! No harsh bleaches or other chemicals going down the drain, just good old vinegar and water. To make it even greener, catch the rinse water in a bucket and water you garden with it!

So there you go, just a little tip from me to you. Happy Washing.

PS The first load of washing came out beautifully, no smells at all. Yay for green cleaning!

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