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Cupcake Gear

10 November 2009

I'm in love, really, I am. I ventured in to Sugarland Cake Toppers this morning, it was a little bit of heaven! Gorgeous sugar decos for cakes of all sizes, including heaps of Christmas themed ones. There's also an entire wall of cupcake liners in every conceivable colour, it was so pretty.

Anyway I managed to leave without buying everything in the shop. I did buy some super cute little baking cups from Robert Gordon, a pink palette knife for swirling and some handmade pink sugar flowers.

This afternoon I walked the entire shopping centre looking for an ice cream scoop for my cupcakes. In the end I gave up and dropped into Woolies on the way home to grab some Oreo's. What do you think I found in the Kitchenware isle??? YES the right ice cream scoop! What was even better was the price, $7, bargain!

Here's a piccy of today's purchases :)

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