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Busy Bee

05 November 2009

Well I've been so busy in the last week. I've been market cruising, sewing, cake making and not to forget celebrating Jack's 2nd birthday.

Last Sunday, Mum and I went to cruise the Mathilda's Market. It was unbelievable. So many beautifully made gorgeous finds. Though I was a little disappointed there wasn't more boy "stuff" but it was fun looking at all the pink ;)

My favourite stands were Honey Bunch Designs, Love Stamp, Heart On Your Sleeve, Baby Bird Clothing and Princess Ratbag.

On Monday we celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday with a Thomas the Tank Engine red velvet cake, which was delicious. I also managed to make the birthday boy a special birthday tie while the cake was baking. He looked so cute, I can't wait to make more for the boys.

I've also whipped up a little christmas dress. Now I just need to find a home for it :)


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