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Flickr Friday

28 May 2010

Please welcome, as a weekly regular, Flickr Friday. Fairly straight forward I guess, each friday I will share the work of an amazing Flickr member.

Photo by Seans1969

This week I decided to search the name of our home town in Tassie. I found lots of photos surprisingly, many of them great, but I just love these from Seans1969. He's obviously a local, because most of his shots are taken around the Ulverstone area. His Border Collie is so cute too.  I chose the above shot as the colours are just stunning and it really is a beautiful representation of the Ulverstone area.

What's your favourite Flickr find of your home town?

Just in case you were wondering, Ulverstone is a lovely little town on the north west coast of Tasmania. It has a population of just over 9500 people which makes it Tasmania's largest town.

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  1. What a stunning photo. Makes me want to go Tassie again soon.


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