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Point & Shoot : mmmm licious

31 May 2010

Saturday 29th May 8:48am
These were the words uttered by my two year old, Jack, upon being presented with his breakfast on Saturday morning. Five minutes earlier I had asked him what he wanted to eat, "scrabble egg and muffooms" was the response. I think this would have to be his favourite breakfast, stirfried mushrooms and an egg scrambled with a dash of milk and about a teaspoon of chives. So quick and easy but best of all he eats it all up in under 10 mins.

Today I'm playing Point & Shoot with one of my favourite bloggers Telle. Come along and play too, what did you do on the weekend?


  1. Oh yum. Breakfast is nice all of the time, isn't it? Great choice on his behalf.


  2. Um yum! My favourite breakfast too!


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