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Point & Shoot : Moving

02 August 2010

Jack | Friday | 1:38 pm

The removalists came on Friday. Jack was facinated with the enormous moving truck and men. He watched their every move, asked lots of questions and at one stage wanted to be packed in a box and go on the truck too!

It was a big day, pretty emotional for everyone. It was a a happy day for me, it represents all the effort we've put into trying to get back home for the last twelve months. For the kids though it was a little harder. Brock understands that it means we'll be back home soon, but he's feeling a little bit lost I think, a little bit out of sorts. Jack, even though he watched the entire move, still didn't understand where his beds were and was not impressed at all when his ride on cars went too.

We are all excitedly counting down though and that is keeping the kids informed. They are both aware that it's only 5 more sleeps until we go on the plane, see Daddy and get home. Between you and me I think they are most excited about going on the plane.


  1. Sweet photo :)
    Good luck on the move...a new exciting adventure for you & your family....and a lovely feeling for you to be returning 'home'.

  2. Moving is so exciting, and exhausting! I hope it goes well for you.


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