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Lazy Sundays

15 November 2010

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ours was a quiet one. My wonderful husband had worked twelve days straight prior to this weekend, so we took advantage of the time together and stayed home.

Saturday was filled with mundane household chores and a spot of toilet training. We had some small successes with toilet training. Jack seems to understand that doing a wee on the potty makes everyone happy and is nowhere near as scary as he thought. However that’s as far as he’ll go lol, anything “else” is just a little too extreme for him to comprehend as yet.

Sunday we spent sleeping in, lounging around the living room watching car racing on the tv, playing trains and Wii, blogging and baking cookies :) It’s been drizzling with rain the whole weekend so it doesn’t feel like a total waste. Besides, I love just ‘being’ with my boys.

This funny little fella has made many a visit over the weekend. I thought he was very cute all ruffled up.

How was your weekend? Today I’m playing Week-a-BOO with Claire.

PS I’ve got a little blog design tutorial to share with you this week. Make sure to come back later today to check it out.


  1. It's not even 8am and you have me craving cookies Emma....haaaa!
    That birdy is way too cute! Awesome photos my dear!
    A family weekend at home can be BLISS this time of year I reckon!
    Have a great week!

  2. I love a cookie and a cuppa. Great photo of the bird. Charmaine


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