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02 November 2010

Three years ago I sat in a hospital room staring at you. You were just over 10 hours old and you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Daddy, Brock and Grandma has just left to let us get some rest. I couldn't rest. I was to busy staring at you, stroking your cheeks, counting your fingers and toes. You were finally here.

After all the fighting and heartache, I was finally holding a baby in my arms. I wanted to savour the moment and create a memory that I'd never forget. I wanted to drink in that newborn baby smell that I'd longed to smell again. I just wanted to sit and hold you.

By the time you were 15 hours old, we were at home and life had started. You fit right in, just like a puzzle piece, you belonged.

Now here we are my gorgeous boy, you're three years old today. You're such a wonderful little boy, you bring such joy into my life that it's almost indescribable. You are a generous and caring little guy, always happy and forever making me smile. I can't imagine life any other way.

Happy Birthday Jack.


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