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A busy weekend

06 December 2010

Well it's been a busy weekend at Casa De Play. I've been hard at work on something that I'll tell you all about later today (intrigued?), as well as keeping the little tikes entertained while Hubby worked all weekend.

Saturday was disgustinly hot all day. There wasn't a breath of wind and it was the type of day that you just don't want to do anything but try to keep cool. Hubby came home with the perfect solution, fish and chips at the beach. We stopped at a takeaway shop near the beach and managed to get a enormous piece of fish that fed the four of us and some chips for less than $10, still can't believe what a bargin it was.

So we sat on the beach and ate our fish and chips. The kids shoo'd the seagulls away everytime they got too close, which they thought was hilariously funny lol. It was a beautiful night, there was only a slight breeze and the tide was out so we had a lovely walk along the beach and admired the stunning colours in the sky. It was a perfect end to the day, one which I hope we'll repeat a lot over the coming summer holidays.

Saturday | The Beach | About 8:30pm

How was your weekend? Come and join in and play Week-A-Boo and Point & Shoot too.


  1. Oh Emma, that photo is STUNNING!! You always take such gorgeous shots! That beach looks so inviting & relaxing!
    Dinner for 4 for under $10...sounds like my kind of meal...especially with that view to look at :)
    Have a great week Lovely!

  2. Thanks Claire, I'm starting to think that the beach is my muse,. I get so inspired there.

  3. My kid's love running after seagulls too! :D
    Sounds like you had a lovely w/e. x


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