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Awesome Teachers

04 December 2010

When we first moved to Tassie in 2008, I was excited to find out that we could enrol Brock into Kinder at the local school. He'd not long turned 5 and started just after the start of the second term. Brock had been in daycare for two days a week in Qld but Kinder was different. It was school and he was so excited by that.

He was a little behind the eight ball, I guess. All the other kids had already settled into school life and the concept of structured learning. He had the most wonderful teacher Mrs L. She was a very nurturing type of woman, she helped his transition into school immensely. The two teacher aides in the class, were just as caring and important to his successful start.

When I learned his Prep teacher would be Miss M, I was a little worried. She seemed tougher, something I wasn't sure was "right" for Brock. Within a few weeks of starting Prep, I knew she was exactly the type of teacher he needed. She pushed him, the right way and just enough to encourage him to WANT to learn more. She was/is a fantastic teacher and I'm crossing my everything that she still be at the school in a few years time, because I think she'd be great for my feisty little Jack.

When we returned to Tassie from our 12 months stint in Qld, I was desperate to get back to Brock's old school and the quality teachers and education, that I'd taken for granted. We've been blessed that the school has delivered yet again with another great teacher in Miss G. She's more awesomesauce than words can explain. Not only has she been great for Brock, but she's also been great for Jack. She's happily welcomed him into the classroom when I've come to do parent help. She's even taken him into the classroom when I had a couple of important meetings at the school! Jack just loves Miss G and is always looking for something to take to school to show her, new toys, pictures, books, you name it she's seen it lol Brock adores her too, so much so that it's increasingly hard to get him to come home from school!

So yes, this week I am grateful for awesome teachers!

I'm also grateful for Etsy. I'll tell you why on Monday ;)

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  1. "Awesomesauce" - too fab! I think we are all in danger of taking wonderful teachers for granted. Individually and as a country. They are the backbone of our future.

    Thanks for linking up today. It's always lovely to find a new blog. x

  2. So true it is great when a teacher is a real teacher. I was talking about this today some teachers are great and enthusiastic and some teachers really should take a break and refresh. Charmaine

  3. Teachers are amazing. They do such an important job x

  4. I am really looking forward to when my little man starts school next year! The teachers seem really nice! :D

  5. I do love hearing teacher's being appreciated as I know just how much work goes in to being an awesomesaucey teacher! Glad your boys have had such special ones :)

  6. My daughter is starting kinder next year, I hope I handing her over to some "awesomesauce" teachers - oh I really do! I love your tassie heart pic!

  7. You have been amazingly blessed by having awesome teachers. How wonderful for your kids! It is nice to hear a happy report like this.

  8. Yay, I love that you've acknowledged hard working teachers! A lovely thing to be grateful for Emma!
    Thanks for sharing your story about the teachers at Brock's school :)


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