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Getting my bake on

17 January 2011

Happy Monday!

The boys and I have had a rather quiet weekend as Hubby was rostered on again. We've spent most of the time just chillin out, though we did have a bit of fun.

Saturday morning saw the sun shining brightly which was a welcome change to the grey rainy weather of late last week. The boys had a lovely time playing outside. I enjoyed the display that the aggies in our garden were putting on. It seems the copious amounts of rain have given them a second wind, because they are looking fabulous.

Saturday night, Hubby decided that he needed a new, softer seat for his new bike. So we headed to Devonport as the Kmart store there is open until midnight every night (crazy!). On our way home we went by the wharf to see if the Spirit had left yet. Luckily it hadn't and I managed to get some pics of it on it's way through the mouth of the river.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, we didn't do much at all in the morning. By lunch time I'd got the urge to bake and while The Dude slept in our room and The Boy played outside, I got my bake on. My sister gave me some gorgeous Tea-Cup-Cake moulds for Christmas so I tried those out as well as making a dozen vanilla cuppies. I love how the Tea-Cup-Cakes turned out, they are so cute with their little saucers.

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous. I heat cupcakes X

  2. Beautiful pictures, sounds like you had a lovely weekend ☼

  3. Oh, I just had to comment. I am a born and bred Devonport girl although I've since escaped and now live in Melbourne. All my family is still there and I often come home on that boat with my small people! I love how that K-mart/Coles complex is literally the only place to shop in Devonport, apart from the Mall of course!!! Nice to meet you :-)

  4. Those cupcakes look amazing! Love your photography too. xoxo

  5. Oh Em, I am LURVE with your photos this week! How amazing are those flowers??? And those cupcakes....YUMMMMMY!
    JUST GORGEOUS my dear!
    Hope you have a fab week!

  6. Yum yum. The cupcakes looks yummo! :)

    I can't believe kmart is open till midnight. I'll remember that next time I'm in Devonport!

  7. Love your pics! Beautiful flowers! I want to eat those cupcakes!!

  8. these tri-photo montages are great - something about that format and the way the explain the photos just works :)


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