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This Saturday I'm grateful for..

15 January 2011

The devastation that has hit our country this week has been heart breaking. What really brought it home for me, was reading this harrowing story this morning. What this family has been and will continue to go through is just incomprehensible. My heart broke a million times over for baby Jessica and her mum Stacey.

Through my tears I glanced up at my boys, playing together happily on the couch. I had to force the thoughts of what-if out of my mind, just the thought was unbearable. This Saturday I am grateful for.....


Today, my boys are happy, healthy and above all safe.
Today, we have electricity, running water and a roof over our heads.
Today, I am learning to focus on all that I have instead of what I have not.
Today brings lessons from yesterday and hope for tomorrow.
Today is a gift.

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  1. It is also a gift to be able to be see things through the eyes of thankfulness. You've got it!


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