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13 January 2011

My heart breaks for my hometown. While I know that SE Queensland is not the only area in the state affected by flooding, it certainly has brought home just what devastation these floods bring.

My family are all safe thankfully. My mum works in the CBD and was sent home on Tuesday morning. She hasn't been back to work yet as the call centre where she works is still closed, no doubt without power too. My sister too was sent home from her work place on the west side of Brisbane. She opted to stay at home yesterday as well, which was a good thing because the Centenary Highway was cut anyway. My dad lives on a property west of Beaudesert. While he's fine as they are up on a hill, he may be unable to get out of the town for the next few days.

Watching the rolling coverage on channel seven, I've seen some heartbreaking footage. The enormous wall of water that hit Toowoomba this week was really unfathomable. We sat and stared at the tv, unable to process the enormity of what was unfolding. Seeing the footage of the aftermath in the last 24 hours, makes you feel helpless. There will be so much work that needs to be done across all of the flood ravaged regions in the coming months and there really is only so much that monetary donations can do. The physical clean up will be grueling and I hope that the Queensland spirit shines through and everyone bands together.

This woman, Anna Bligh, has astounded me over the last few days. She has done an amazing job in what must be an incredibly difficult time both as the premier and personally. I wish I could articulate my thoughts about Premier Bligh, but I think I'll quote Jessica Rudd;
"Then I saw Premier Anna Bligh and I just knew it was going to be all right. As soon as she came onscreen my pulse slowed, my breathing steadied and my tummy unknotted. 
I think it was in her manner—the no-bull way she looked, that calm stare an impossible cocktail of warm compassion and hardcore determination"
Jessica has written an amazing post for Mama Mia about the Queensland premier.

Jessica's own father, former PM Kevin Rudd has also been on the ground in his Brisbane electorate. He spoke to Channel 7 yesterday which had me tearing up. Then I saw the video below, linked via the Mama Mia website. I take my hat off to him, he is an extraordinary man.

My thoughts and heart go out to every single person who has been affected by the Queensland floods. The devastation must feel insurmountable right now, but you will prevail.

Local Brisbanites, I have heard that many people are delivering donated goods to the evacuation centres which is amazing. I have also heard that the centres seem to plenty of clothing but are in need of items such as nappies and other personal items, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. If you are near a centre and can spare some of those things please donate.


  1. You're so right. Anna Bligh has come to represent what quiet, firm leadership is all about. Loving her. x


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