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DIY Friday

25 February 2011

I thought I'd share one of the DIYish things I've been upto in the last few weeks.

Now if you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I ran out of spray paint in the middle of a project last week. Well, I've finally finished it and I thought I would share the before and afters. Well I actually forgot to take a proper before shot, so I had to poor through my photo archives to find one (I'll be sure I won't make the same mistake next time!)

Before (way before)

This chest was a part of The Dude's cot set. We didn't really need a toy chest but I suppose it has come in handy. Whilst the change table is long gone and the cot is about to be retired, I knew the boys wouldn't really outgrow the need for storage. The thing is we have a lovely set of white bunk beds on order so the toy chest in it's current form just wasn't going to work.


I used one and a half cans of White Knight Squirts spray paint in Satin White. It's an enamel paint so there's a bit more involved in the clean up but I believe the pay off will be a harder wearing surface. The finish is, well, satiny. LOL Not too shiny and quite professional looking too :)

I had intentions of transforming the lid into an upholstered seat however I stumbled upon these "floor" cushions at a local discount store for less than a fiver each! The best thing about the cushions is that I can swap them out if we change the decor or location of the chest :) At the moment these cushions will go nicely with the rest of the decor in the boys room.


  1. That looks fabulous Emma! Nice work indeed (and your boys look so cute in the top pics :O)

  2. Love the white with those brilliant primary've done a great job!

  3. IT LOOKS AWESOME I LOVE WHITE! And the cushion sets it off too. Well done!


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