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This Saturday I'm grateful for.....

26 February 2011

1. Not having an open house this weekend. Last weekend was a dismal failure with the rain keeping everyone away :( So I'm grateful that I don't have to rush around keeping the boys from messing up the place.

2. Mr Mess working this weekend. That probably is mean because I know he'd rather be at home with us but the weekends he works gives me some extra down time to catch up on all my favourite blogs, get up to date with my own blogs and just generally potter about. The boys seem to like not having to go anywhere too, work weekends are a vege weekend here in the Mess house :)

3. Home baked goodies. Kenny's been hard at work again. Together we whipped up a batch of my MIL's 123 biscuits as well as a batch of these delicious cinnamon scrolls.

They were so yummy!

Come and tell us what you're grateful for this Saturday. Join in at Maxabella Loves.


  1. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!

    I hope that you enjoy all that the weekend affords you - especially some sunny days.

    Felicity x

  2. It's the day for scrolls I think, this is the second delicious looking batch I've seen!

  3. Oh the scrolls look amazing. My husband lives interstate so i kind of fill the void on the weekends with blogs every couple of hours to keep me feeling connected, especially when he's on exercise & can't even call. Nothing wrong with enjoying a blog when your husband is away at work (only i have 3 years on my own). Love Posie

  4. Yes please to those scrolls!!! Wish I had a tasting sceen!

  5. The scrolls! I want the scrolls!

    Have a happy, moseying weekend, Emma. x

  6. I'm with Maxabella on the wanting scrolls thing! They look so delicious and I've been cutting back the carbs today...sigh.

  7. They look like bought ones !
    Just, oh, about $20 cheaper for the dozen :)
    well done the cinnamon lloks wonderful.


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