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This Saturday I'm grateful for.....

12 February 2011

It's Saturday already! Where on earth did the last week go? The days have started to flash by again, before I know it another year will have gone by. Why is it the older you get the faster the years go by?

Anyway it's time to link up with Maxabella Loves and a bunch of grateful bloggers.

So this week I'm grateful for many things.

1. Blog Comments

Everytime I receive a new comment, I smile. To be honest getting comments on my blogs (yes that's plural, have you seen my photo blog?*) absolutely makes my day....That someone cares enough to read and leave a comment is just....well...I'm grateful that they took the time :)

2. Bloggers who post freebies

Who doesn't love a freebie? Whether it's a free download or a tutorial, bloggers are smart people and have much to share. These are some of the fab freebies I've found this week.

If you are into photography or want to learn more about how to edit your photos, Rita's blog is an amazing resource overflowing with tutorials and freebies.

3. Great content blogs.

You know the blogs who always have something great to read? All of the blogs that I read religiously are have great content (all 25 that I check on a DAILY basis, addicted much?), but these are my top five favourites this week.
4. Bloggers who say NO.

Not just any blogger who says no, bloggers who say no to word verification! I'm not sure if it's a new trend or what but man those little word verification things are annoying. I love participating in photo challenges and blog hops and always do my best to visit all the participants, but those little boxes are the bain of my blogging existence. So I'm grateful for the bloggers who make it a little easier and quicker for me to leave a comment :D

(Edited to add, after receiving an email stating that laziness in the reason I don't like WV, I just wanted to clarify, I still visit and comment on blogs that have WV, I just find the ones without a little more user friendly. There is more than one way to moderate spam comments on a blogger blog, the non WV ones require a few more minutes of the owner but less of the readers. I'm not picking on, or blog bashing or ANYTHING like that. Just wanted to clarify.)

5. The end of school holidays.

Three more sleeps, enough said. lol

*Pardon the gratuitous self promotion ;)


  1. Agree, agree, agree!

    And I am very honoured to be in your top 5 this week!! Thank you very much, Emma. x

  2. You make some great points here and we have some lovely blogger love in common. Just so you know, I do word verification to stop spammers. I was getting a great deal of it earlier this year. i am sorry it is such a pain though. And YES to the end of the holidays ;)

  3. I second all of your gratefuls! I'm with you on the word verifiction(do I have it?) - I admit it, it's because I'm lazy! :) xx
    Oh holy crap - I just saw that you include me on your 'daily reads' over on the side there! How awesome! Thank you! You've made my day :) xx

  4. Hey, thanks so much for listing me in your top five. Feeling a litte chuffed :) I to hate word verification and have is disabled until such time as I need it. Didn't work out my facebook fan page problems (thanks so much for letting me know) so I've just opted for a link on my blog for now. Apparently today I'm not teckno geeky enough!

  5. Oh wow so nice you included my 365 :-) Let me know when you visit by leaving a comment (as you said they make our day and we all love them xx) I am having a lot of fun with it. I am with you on word verification and also LOVE pop up windows! I have a page on that on Flower Photography :-)


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