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Homemade Slurpees

11 February 2011

Slurpees are a kid's dream come true, but with all that sugar and artificial colouring, they can be a parents worst nightmare.

I came up with a homemade alternative that takes minutes to make and tastes fantastic.

Frozen fruit is what makes these homemade slurpees super icy and taste amazing. You can use any fruit you like cut into bite size pieces and frozen in a zip lock bag, or simple use the frozen berries you can find in the freezer isle in your local supermarket. Through a couple of handfuls of your frozen fruit into a blender.

Add approx. 1/2 a cup of your favourite lemonade and blitz. You may need to a little more or a little less lemonade depending on how thick you like your slurpees.

Pour it into a glass and serve :)

Add a touch of vodka or replace the lemonade with your favourite sparkling white wine for a refreshing adults only slurpee at the end (or in the middle) of a hot summers day. Just a little tip from me to you ;)


  1. an exceptional good point adding the A.O. version thanks Emma !
    Blackberry season just started - i can see some dark and stormy coloured slushies coming.

  2. Great idea to use lemonade with the lemonade would work as well I guess!


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