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Decorating Ideas

11 March 2011

The boys finally get their bunk beds next week, so all my ideas and planning will finally come together. Maybe now I can move onto our room. Even though we have the house on the market, I figure a makeover won't hurt and if we can't sell (the market seems to have died down here) well I'll get to enjoy my efforts for longer :)

So here's what I'm starting with.....

Pretty blank canvas really. See that wall colour?? I don't know the name of it but it's beige I guess...It's everywhere! The walls, the architraves, the skirting boards, the cornices even the ceiling! Except for the odd "feature" wall which is painted a cool grey/brown colour. blergh. The "feature" wall in our room is opposite the wall that the bed is on... weird. Anyhow, I plan to paint out the current feature wall to match the others while painting the skirtings, cornices and architraves a nice bright white. I'll leave the ceilings for now I think :S

I'll be keeping the side tables, baskets and lamps. They are the start of the makeover. The bed of course will stay but I'm planning a headboard, most likely an upholstered headboard, but no matter the type it'll be white and minimalist, not huge and no fancy shapes. Something like this.....

Sorry I don't remember where this pic came from, if you do please let me know and I will provide the link :)

Now I'm after a bit of advice as to what other colour to incorporate. I'm not keen on just having neutrals, I'd really love to add some colour. Initially I thought a rich deep red, but Mr Mess was worried it was too strong. He suggested green but I only like lighter greens and I think I'd like to have a deep colour. So at the moment we're thinking a tealy blue....

I can either paint the wall behind the bed with this and make a huge statement OR should I pick a deeper neutral shade for the wall and add the teal in small scatterings, think a graphic print above the bed head, some sort of trim around the lampshades, scatter cushions and a throw....What do you think?

Which way would you go? What do you think of our potential colour choice? Have you got any other tips or suggestions for me?


  1. LOVE the colour!!! and I think use it in bit and pieces around the room instead of feature wall! A great print and some cushions sound fantastic! Maybe a candle!

  2. Emma I can see already you have fabulous taste and flair with decorating. I don't so much so won't give you advice - I'll just enjoy what you do! So wish you lived near me - would have saved me 10 sample pots per room :O)

  3. OMG, I love that colour. I can't wait til we move into our forever house so I can be bold with colour.


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