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This Saturday I'm grateful for.....

12 March 2011

My SIL, because she drives the 3 hour round trip to see us so that her son and my boys get a chance to spend more time together. They are the three youngest of the grand children and it's important they get to build a relationship through their childhood just like their older cousins have over the past 18-25 years.

My MIL & FIL, because they have kindly looked after The Dude for the last two Mondays while I ease into my new role as canteen co-ordinator at The Boy's school. He's had a wonderful time with them and it's clear they love having him over. I can already see their bond strengthening. It's lovely to watch.

School Mum friends, because they have been very encouraging over the last two weeks as I get the school canteen up and running. They've lent much support and even an ear to vent my frustrations. They get it :)

What's got you smiling this week? What are you grateful for? Join in over at Maxabella Loves.


  1. I hope you enjoy your new role - glad to hear you have the support of your inlaws to look after Jack. Makes it much easier doesn't it. I bet he is having lots of fun with them!

  2. School mums rock, enjoy the primary ones as high school, no one chats or gets out of their cars in the car park, it's kind of a shock. So i soak up the primary ones while i still can!! Happy canteen coordinating, i've been our convenor even though my children don't get lunch orders, it's a tough job at times, especially when the manager sees no problem with junk food!! Argh!! You're so lucky with the grandparents, my sister & i have grandchildren 8 to 14 & our parents are a bit over it, so we bond them together (a 4 hour round trip) & our 7 collective children are very close (like our 2 brothers' 7 collective teenagers). Cousins are completely fabulous, love Posie

  3. Your in-laws sound fantastic. I am always grateful for the network of lovelies I've met through the school. Such a huge support. x

  4. Friends and family..we need both so much..they both have roles in my life I am grateful for too!

  5. You seem to be very well loved so you must be special.
    Great reasons for gratitude.
    Mine are at


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