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07 March 2011

Well they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder lol

I've had a busy few weeks. Last year, somehow, I got roped into running the school canteen this year. So the last week or so, I've spent ordering food, refining the menu, accepting deliveries and teeing up volunteers. Today was our first day and it went off with only a few small hitches. I'm still in dire need of more volunteers (aren't all schools?) but hopefully we might get a few more parents who are interested. Now that the first one is done and dusted, hopefully it won't be so hectic and I can do a bit more blogging. Both of my poor blogs have been neglected :(

Brock earned himself a Gold Card Award today at school. These are a very big deal and we are so proud of him for working so hard. He's been doing so well in class this year. His teacher tested his reading today too and he's progressed 3 levels higher over the school holidays! So so proud.


  1. Welcome back :O) Sounds like a lot of work setting up a canteen. Funny how things like that happen. I went to a kinder meeting last week just wanting to be supportive and came away the kinder president!!!! GO FIGURE!!!

  2. Great work by your son..and going up 3 levels of reading over the hols is amazing...must have been lots of reading happening at your place over that time!

  3. Great Job, just noticed the layout change, looks great.

  4. Congratulations Brock! and also mummy for the tuckshop! Good Job!!!


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