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The end of an era

16 March 2011

My world changed forever yesterday. Ok so maybe that's over dramatising the situation a little but hey I'm highly emotional at the moment.

You see, yesterday these arrived.

Which meant this had to happen.

Then my heart broke. 

I'm not ready for this part of my life to be over. 

While my yearning for another baby isn't exactly hidden, the realistic chances of being blessed with another messy babe is far from high. I never been one to revel in the raw honesty of reality in regards to conceiving, though I'm afraid that basking in the warmth of hopes and dream will eventually become too hard to take. 

And so it really is the end of and era.


  1. I remember that day at our house. I was ready to say goodbye to that stage - but still it was heart wrenching. The worst bit was folding up and putting away all those tiny little sheets and blankets. ((hugs)) for you!

  2. One of many least the little people who slept in them are still there..bless their hearts! There's lots to look forward to..they're still little.

  3. Now comes the challenge of keeping them in bed - those high sides had their advantages !

    I'm afraid that babies still get me clucking even when we have as many as we want:) - i don't suppose the heart strings ever stop tugging.


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