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APC Day 6 & 7

08 August 2011

Been so busy this weekend that I haven't got around to uploading my pics. Here's day 6 and 7.

"Childhood Memory"
Some call them pluto pups, the yanks call them corn dogs, but I've always known them as dagwood dogs. Growing up in Brisbane, the highlight of the year was the Royal Brisbane Show aka The Ekka. We were lucky enough that Mum took us most years. It was THE best! Sideshow alley, the show bag pavillion, the animals, the demonstrations and of course the firework show at the end of each night. What wasn't to love? The most memorable part of going to Ekka each year was the food. We got to eat things at the Ekka that we didn't get anywhere else. Fairy Floss, Strawberry Sundays and Dagwood Dogs!
(I'll be back later this week with an awesome recipe to make your own!)

"Something New"
New paint job! More on that tomorrow too :)

Happy Monday my friends!


  1. wow. i haven't had one of these in years. we have always called them pluto pups (is that because i live in nsw?). mmm...making me hungry for lunch, all i have to look forward to is a cold salad. it really doesn't compare now does it!!

  2. Hi Emma - I'm happy to meet you and to see your blog. I came over from Veronica's and I love the look and your posts. Hope your day is lovely.


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