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12 April 2012

I simply cannot believe that my "baby" boy turned 9 on Monday. Since I became a mum the days seem to fly by. Weeks can easily turn into months and before you know it the whole year seems to start slipping away. 

I'm grateful for the photos we take throughout the year. My husband and I will often look back through them together, laughing at the snapshots of our family life. They mean the world to me, even the ones that have been pulled off an old mobile phone, or the ones with crappy lighting or flash induced ghost skin, it doesn't matter. What matters is those moments were recorded and won't become a forgotten memory. One of my goals for 2012 is to put together yearbooks for our family, starting from when we purchased our first digital camera when Brock was only a few months old, I must get started on it!

Anyhoo here's a couple of pics from my boy's ninth birthday. It was a quiet one this year, no party, just some friends over for tea. His two grandmothers went in together and bought him a new bike, which as you can see was a big hit!

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  1. Kids - nothing like bike rides in white soxs and no shoes !

    How time flies, happy birthday :)


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