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P52 Catch up

12 April 2012

Phew I'm exhausted. The last few weeks have been so busy. After twelve months of planning our school fair went off like a frog in a sock on the 30th of March. I was part of the planning committee from the start and the last two weeks leading up to the big day was full on but so worth it in the end. Still waiting on a final profit for the night, but it was so much fun.

There was only a few days break and we had the Easter weekend, which is normally a quiet time in our household, but this year Mr Mess was working AND my big boy turned 9! Unbelieveable, I really don't know where the time has gone.

So anyway, I'm catching up on the last few weeks of my Project 52.

Home Grown
Week 11 theme - Beauty in the everyday details

Fresh flowers from my own garden, what could be more beautiful?

Mumma Bear

Week 12 - Vintage Charm

This teddy bear is as old as I am. Probably not exactly vintage but she's been loved by two generations of my family. I don't know that I ever gave her a name, but my boys call her Mumma Bear because.....she was their mumma's bear. I'm grateful that they take very good care of her. I just hope she'll still be around to be loved by the next generation :)

Little Boy Blue

Week 13 - Get Emotional

My boys love playing video games together. Sometimes though The Dude doesn't deal well with defeat.


Week 14 theme - Just Guess

Can you guess what's hiding behind the bokeh blur?

Hope you all had a safe and happy Easter break. 

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