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Goodbye Sasha

01 July 2012

Fifteen years ago our family of three expanded to four. One over worked single mother, two hormonal girls and a hyperactive, but cute, little black puppy dog.

I remember the day I first laid eyes on her. I'd finished work and when I wandered outside to where my mum was waiting. As I got closer to the car I could see my little sister sitting in the front seat, she had the biggest grin on her face. Once I'd reached the car I realised why. In her arms was something that she'd been coveting for so long, a tiny little puppy. I cuddled her all the way home. She was jet black with white marbled chest and feet. There was a dusting of white fur around her nose and on the top of her head between her eyes. During the drive home I discovered that they'd already named her Sasha, because it had elements of all our names in it. I remember feeling ripped off that I was attributed the 'a' on the end!

There are so many Sasha stories. 

When the old ticking clock trick didn't work for Sasha's first night home, I slept on the kitchen floor with my face inches from the screen door while Sash slept on the other side of the screen door in the garage.

For the first few weeks she had us up at 5am each morning because apparently it was time to play.

There's the time when she was a puppy and she got her self stuck between the shed and the fence while trying to get away from a thunder storm. From then on she would always bark at thunder.

Mum's partner gave her an empty soft drink bottle to play with one day and she loved it. She'd kick around the back yard with empty bottles or ice cream boxes for hours.

She loved the beach. She'd run for miles, so excited to be out in the open air. She'd play with the other dogs, swim in the sea and on more than one occasion eat things that made us all squeal in gross disgust.

When we'd come home, Sash would bark and cry in sheer elation that we were home, she'd go absolutely nuts! It was always a wonderful welcome home.

It wasn't always great though. There was the time when she was about one and a half and she dug her way out of the back yard and got hit by a car. She went into shock, but she was ok. The last few years, though, she's been peppered by illnesses, I guess that's what happens when our bodies get old though.

My mum has been here with us for the last three weeks. Sash had been staying at my sister's place, making nice with her cats. Mum went home last night and so did Sasha. This morning things took a turn for the worse when Sasha collapsed in the back yard. When they took her into the vet they discovered that she had a large mass in her stomach and it became clear that it was time to say goodbye.

My heart breaks for my mum. Having recently retired she's been able to enjoy more time with Sasha over the last few months. I can't imagine how hard and lonely it will be for her over the coming days and weeks. My sister too. She's always loved animals and Sashie was her first fur baby Actually she's expecting another fur baby soon, a new puppy. I hope he will help heal her breaking heart.

Rest in peace Sash. We'll miss you.

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  1. That's so sad, hugs to you & your family - Funny xxx


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