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My Cherry Tree

11 October 2012

I love spring. I love the beautiful weather, the clear blue skies, the bright warm sun, but the best thing is the flowers. There is a field near my house that is littered with daffodils at the start of each spring, it is just beautiful. The prettiest display, though my opinion is probably biased, is in my own backyard. Around the end of September each year, the buds on our cherry blossom tree start to swell indicating the impending burst of 'pink' about to colour our world.

Slowly the tiny little deep pink blooms emerge.

As the flowers get bigger they turn the prettiest pale pink.

Finally, when the sun has worked it's magic and the blossoms are fully opened they are the prettiest, frilly, petals I've ever seen. But all too soon those beautiful petals will fall, the burnt orange leaves will turn green and Spring will be gone for another year. 

I love this tree. It's her tree. It warms my heart to see it grow taller and stronger each year. 

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  1. I love this collection of photos! The emergence of something so pretty! Have a lovely weekend! x


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