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Surprise Getaway

29 November 2012

Sometime over the last few weeks my mum and Mr Mess hatched a plan to surprise my sister and I. You see, my sister's engagement party was last weekend and being so close to Christmas we decided we couldn't  attend. I'd planned on sending her a video message and a bottle of champers to celebrate, but Mum and Hubby has other ideas.

I got an email from Mum last Tuesday which was a flight itinerary. It took me a while to twig. I looked at the dates and thought "But she's just been down here, why's Mum coming back again" then I had a second look, thinking that maybe it was for next year. Finally I noticed that the first flight booked was for Launceston to Brisbane and of course the penny dropped, *I* was flying to Brisbane for the weekend!! 

Initial reaction - OMG what am I going to wear?! LOL I was quickly sworn to secrecy because my little sis had no idea that this was going on. 

So on Friday afternoon I farewelled my boys and excitedly boarded my Jetstar flight to sunny Brisbane. Far out, I'd forgotten how hot and humid it was up there! Things haven't changed that much since I left, just got busier I think.

As soon as Mum picked me up, she rang to find out if Sarah was home. Nope, she'd decided to go shopping in the city!! Eventually after grabbing some dinner (Noodlebox, yum!) she finally rang mum back to say she was on her way home. Turns out she still hadn't found a dress for the party and had a pretty shitty day. Major sad face. So Mum and I left it a half an hour to make our covert move. We let ourselves in the front door and the freakin dog almost made me squeal (he's huge!), but once Mum had walked up the hallway and got her talking I popped my head around the corner to say hello. BEST. REACTION. EVER. She burst into tears. Happy ones of course. 

Merlin playing with his Grandma!

 The next day, the three of us spent a few hours shopping for Sare's outfit. She found a gorgeous dress, that she looked stunning in. We chatted over sushi and Hanachi for lunch, before going our separate ways to get ready. The party was great. It was fun to get all dolled up. It was great meeting Sare's other bridesmaids as well as the new family. I got to catch up with family and friends. The best part though was watching Sare, she just seems so happy, which makes me happy :)

First kiss of the night.

The happy couple. Cake time.

Sunday morning we got together for a leisurely breakfast before I headed home to my boys.
Awesome weekend!

Come fly with me.

Ten things I learnt this past weekend :
  1. Never book an isle seat on a plane!
  2. Some people obviously aren't aware of the unspoken rule that one does NOT recline their seat when travelling with a budget airline!
  3. Only pack one change of clothes for a weekend away (plus a party outfit).
  4. Japanese food is the bomb!
  5. Dressing up is FUN!
  6. High heels should be made with gel cushioned soles.
  7. My sister is GORGEOUS!
  8. My kids were just fine without me for the weekend.
  9. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.
  10. Surprising someone is AWESOME!

Gorgeous fluffy clouds.

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