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I heart my body

16 November 2012

Late last month while surfing my favourite blogs, I happened upon Danimezza's I Heart My Body post. It floored me, seriously. I don't know if it was the stunning photos, the eloquent words or the courage that jumped right off the page, but Danielle's post really touched me. I sat and stared at the photos for what seemed like ages. I marvelled at the courage it takes for a woman, a real woman, to bare all. I went to bed that night wondering if I'd ever feel that comfortable with my body.

Over the next week I browsed through all the other entries in the I Heart My Body campaign. They were all great to read through. It was encouraging to see many other curvy chick's declare their love for their non cookie cutter bodies. It got me thinking, could I dig deep enough to find the courage to participate as well?

All my life I've been taught to hate my body, that it wasn't anything to be proud of. It's hard to break free not only from lifetime habits. It's a slow road for me and slowly I'm learning to change my self talk and stop feeling so negative about my body. Society's "rules" and what other people think of me is another big hurdle that I haven't quite conquered yet. I've spent the past 5 or 6 years avoiding swimming pools because I didn't have the confidence to don a bathing suit, I was scared of what people might say. Last summer, I broke free from that. I suited up and had some awesome days at the aquatic centre with my boys. I plan to do it again this year too. Having said that, I bought my first ever pair of knee high boots earlier this year, but they sat idol in the bottom of my wardrobe all winter because I was worried about what other might say.....Seriously! So this is my attempt at over coming that particular hurdle.

I don't "do" full body photos. Even on FB, pics that show below my waist are a rarity. So this is a bit of a big deal for me. No I'm not nekkid, not quite ready for that.......yet. But this is me, the whole lumpy bumpy reality.

The best thing for me is, when I look at these pictures while I still see the "flaws" my mind is more positive about them. What's even better is I'm able to look past the "flaws" and easily see my assets....My rockin rack and good set of pins, just in case you were wondering ;)

Above all though, I heart my body because it's mine.


  1. I heart it too.... :) you still look the same as you did when we first became friends all those many years ago! I focus on being positive and having healthy habits cause I don't want my girls to have body hang ups it wastes far too much time and energy!! Be happy cause your beautiful just the way you are!


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