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OOTW : Black Maxi

11 January 2013

Dress : Kmart (last summer) 
Belt : Autograph Fashion 
Wristlet/Clutch : Target 
Sunnies : Cheapies from ages ago
So you know I'm a SAHM, living in a regional centre in Tasmania. Fashion isn't easy here for straight sizes let alone plus size gals. My choices within a 30min radius consist of Kmart, Target, Best & Less, Autograph and BeMe. Not a whole lot of choice really and things don't get much better if I venture the 3 hour round trip to Launceston. I've gotta use what I've got, which means my wardrobe consists of mainly department store buys, boutique sale finds items, lucky op shop finds and the odd handmade piece.

For some reason I felt the need to explain that OOTW, for me is about making the most of my wardrobe as it is. It's also real. Each outfit is what I've actually worn, and as the seasons change hopefully you'll see how I make my wardrobe stretch.

I really am excited about my OOTW challenge because I tend to stick to what's "safe" and I'm hoping this will help me develop my own style.

Anyway, on to this weeks getup. This weeks main player is a staple, I wear it through spring, summer and autumn, acessorising it in different ways. This week I decided to through it on with one of my new belts and a pair of thongs.

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