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Month in review : January

01 February 2013

Can you believe it's February already? Last year went so fast, it looks like 2013 is going to be the same. It's been a pretty relaxing month for us despite how quickly it's gone. There's been lots of swimming, family time and just general chilling out.

This is what January looked like according to Instagram.

At the beginning of the month I set some goals, let's see how I did.

  1. Clean It Up. (I'm notoriously messy, always have been. I want to reign in the chaos that is our master bedroom.) Still working on it. I started then it got messy again. It's an ongoing project ;)
  2. Create An Inspired Space. (I bought a desk to sit in the corner of our bedroom and I've never actually sat at it to work. Crazy. It's just not inspiring.) Pfft not even close.
  3. OOTW. (Sort out an appropriate set up, the kid room iPhone snaps just aren't going to cut the mustard.) Sorted something better for now.
  4. Blog. (Schedule posts, brainstorm ideas, participate in the blogging community more.) It's still coming together.
  5. Stock It. (Finish filling my new store with items, 15 at least) Still working on it.
  6. Promote It. (Start promoting my new store, blog ads, facebook, twitter, etc) Stared.
  7. H20 Only! (I'm avoiding softdrinks, both full strength and diet, juices and cordials for January.) DONE-SKI Woohoo!
  8. Clean Eating. (Wholes, homemade, nutritious food.) Sort of, I know I can do better.
  9. Snap Daily. (Participate consistently in FMS photo a day challenge.) Done
  10. Be Thankful. (Keep a weekly thankful/grateful journal) Done

Not too bad. Now that the kids are about to go back to school, hopefully I'll be more motivated to get the bedroom tidied and make my desk more inspiring.

I'll be back tomorrow with my goals for February :)

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