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Get moving {My motivation}

05 March 2013

I've never been one for exercise. In fact my whole life has been spent avoiding it. Just the word would make my feet feel like lead weights. It's something I associate with doing the washing, ironing, cleaning, just another chore really and I don't "do" chores. I mean I do what I have to or need to, but if I had to choose between that third load of washing and facebook, you know what wins right? Facebook. Exercise is the same.

Part of my resolutions for 2013 is to move more. See that, no sign of the E word. Just move. I lead a very sedentary lifestyle. Even before kids, I never made an effort to move purposefully. Since having kids I've been even worse. Truth be told, I'm still carrying the "baby weight" from my first child who, incidentally,  turns 10 next month! Now it should be said that the only goal I have is to do some sort of movement 5 days a week. No weight loss goals, no size goals, I'm trying to change my lifestyle here not my appearance. 

While the sun is shining my favourite way to move is by going for a walk along my favourite beach. There's something about this place. I've talked about it before, but it is my happy place, it soothes my spirit and re-energises me every time I go there. 

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The walk I do is about 3.5klms long. I park at the local surf club and hit the pavement walking along a road that's behind the beach for the first half. I can smell the sea, hear it even, it's just on the other side of the protected sand dunes. After I loop back, I cut through the dunes and walk the second half along the beach. The pay off point comes when I get to the western end of the beach and loop back towards the surf club. I'm always rewarded at this point with a fresh breeze and gorgeous view. When I'm back at the surf club, I take my runners off and dip my feet in the cold waters of Bass Strait. I stand a let the waves wash over my hot, tired feet. I watch the sun sparkle across the water and breathe in the fresh salty air. And for whatever reason, my troubles melt away and the world doesn't seem like such a troublesome place.

Anything that has that sort effect on you, is surely good for you. Is it any wonder I'm looking forward to my morning walk tomorrow?

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