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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

29 November 2010

26 days to Christmas! Can you believe it? Where did the year go? As usual I'm totally unprepared. I've not bought a single present yet, I've no idea where we'll be doing on the day, who'll we'll be with or what we'll be doing! LOL This happens every year for us. Something will fall into place at the last minute no doubt.

Anyway this weekend was the first weekend Hubby has had off in a while, so HE decided to put the Christmas tree up with the kids. About 10mins in, I got a phone call which kept me tied up for about half an hour. There were shrieks of giggles and the sound of Jack's little feet running down the hall followed by my husband shouting "Bring that back!" LOL Over and over he nicked off with all sorts of stuff.

By the time I came out from the bedroom the tree was mostly set up, all be it in the middle of the lounge room. We soon shifted it into place and Jack is calling it his "bewdiful cwismas twee" SO cute. I'll post a pic of it tomorrow because the lounge room is a mess!

On Friday Jack and I went along to playgroup as usual. This week there were loads of Christmas crafts to do. This is what Jack decided to do. He did it all by himself (except for the star) and was very proud. So proud in fact that we had to go straight to Daddy's work after playgroup to show him :)

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great week!

Today I'm playing Week-A-Boo with Claire and Point and Shoot with Chantelle. Why don't you play along too and tell us about your weekend.


  1. Awww how cute is Jack! So funny about him nicking off with all the decorations lol. And I love his pine cone xmas tree....might steal that idea to make with Ella :))
    As for xmas shopping...I'm only so organised this year coz I did 90% of it ONLINE :) Gotta love online shopping right! I've got handmade goodies, books, toys, clothes, name;s online lol!
    ENJOY the silly season Emma.

  2. Ooh how much fun is Christmas with kiddies!! So cute!

  3. I LOVE your Christmas craft!!! Love it! Cant wait to see your tree and love your little tinsel boy hehe Have a fantastic week! x

  4. I just love that photo of your boy with the tinsel. It's the look on his face that is just priceless. x


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