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The simple things in life

27 November 2010

Today I've decided to join in at Maxabella loves and play.....

So.....This week I'm grateful for the simple things in life.

I get so caught up in the comotion of everyday life that, that I often forget to stop and savour the simple things in life. Things like.....

Rain drops on roses,

smiling little faces

and my gorgeous mum.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lovely to see you at Grateful Saturday, Emma. Savouring these lovely moments is what it's all about. x

  2. Wow Emma, the photo of the rose is so, so beautiful.

    The most amazing thing about seeing it on your blog is that I'd just been searching the www for Julie Andrew's singing 'These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things' in which raindrops on roses is one of my favourite lines.

    Enjoy all the wonderful moments that this weekend has to offer you,

    Felicity x

  3. It is good to take time out of busy-ness to reflect on what is good in our lives. Maxabella is good for directing that action isn't she?

  4. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I am now following you from I hope you can come visit and follow back!


  5. Isn't this grateful link a great way to really remind yourself that we have a lot to be greatful for!! i love you list xx

  6. All so nice and great pics - love the one of you and your mum - so special xx

  7. after the first pix - raindrops on roses - I was looking for the whiskered kittens!!!

  8. Thanks for visiting Emma and your concern for my leg. Everyday it is improving just a bit, so I will be back doing everything soon.


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